We, Helle Jensen and Lars Nielsen - founders of Creative Danes Inc., arrived in the US in 2002 for Lars to attend Harvard Business School, and we immediately fell in love with the country and its people.
As native Danes we found that we could add something to the wide variety of design products in the US - Great Scandinavian Designs. Just as Idaho has potatoes and Napa has wine, Scandinavia has amazing product designers of everything from furniture to housewares, gadgets, and jewelry. There are literally hundreds of talented and extremely creative design companies in Scandinavia, but their products are rarely found here in North America.
Creative Danes' mission is simple. We want to bring the very best of Scandinavian Design to North America.

Creative Danes Inc. works as a distributor buying and selling the products in the company's name. This brings benefits to our suppliers since they can expect large orders from us when we buy in bulk. Furthermore it benefits our customers when taking advantage of our inventory in the US. Thus they don't have to deal with high minimums and outrageous shipping and duty charges.
We believe in creating partnerships with sub distributors and independent manufacturers' representatives in order to create distribution for our partners. We also try to find innovative distribution channels for our partners' products to further expand their reach.
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